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Percent Increase in Suicide Death Rates Among People Aged 10-24 years

(2007-2009 to 2016-2018)


39,146 NV youth have

made a plan to

attempt suicide

Suicide leaves up

to 6 grieving friend

and family 

members behind

43,853 NV youth have

seriously considered 

attempted suicide

85,477 NV youth have

felt sad or hopeless for

two or more weeks


Suicide Rates per 100,000

Aged 10-25 (2016-2018)

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It is estimated

one person dies

by suicide every

13 hours in Nevada

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Suicide is the 2nd

leading cause of

death for


between the

ages of 15-24

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For every 1 person

who dies by

suicide, it is

estimated 100-200

teens have

attempted suicide

*CDC.2018 Fatal Injury Reports (accessed from on 12/28/2020)

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