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Motivation United was founded as a proactive response to the high suicide rates in Nevada. We believe that suicide is preventable, and risk can be mitigated, but only when people have accessible and available support systems, coping tools, and suicide prevention resources. We are cultivating a collaborative and multidisciplinary understanding on how to discuss suicide and to help dismantle the stigma of mental illness and suicide. Suicide can happen to anyone. Suicide is caused by many factors: cultural/social, psychological, or biological and some may not have any predictive explanation. By partnering with local organizations and community members who bring awareness to suicide and suicide prevention, Motivation United will continue to provide and promote positive resources to those effected by suicide or to those who have passive and active suicide ideation.

Events & Projects

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Join us at our first fundraiser at the 11th annual Franktown Meadows Hunter Derby June 25-27, 2021.

Each year, the Franktown Meadows Hunter Derby raises funds and brings awareness to select local charities. Water and Rails, the non-profit hosting this event, has contributed more than $400,000 to charity since its inception in 2005,and is proud to direct its proceeds for this year to Motivation United.

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