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Sustainable Implementation of Suicide Awareness


Suicide can happen to anyone. Suicide is caused by many factors: cultural/social, psychological, or biological, and some may not have any predictive explanation. By partnering with local organizations and community members who bring awareness to suicide, Motivation United will continue to provide and promote positive resources to those effected by suicide or to those who have passive and active suicide ideation. We want to implement all the steps we can take as a community, country, and culture to aid those in vulnerable positions and help bring attention to suicide. 


Suicide is a multilayered crisis that must be discussed in the most responsible and factual way. We are creating conversations and program outreach about suicide, with the appropriate trigger warnings and without inducing suicide contagion, while allowing others to use Motivation United as a platform to share their stories and help implement an honest change. We are aiming to create a collaborative and multidisciplinary environment to help people feel supported, engaged, and motivated.

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